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He immediately made the decision to trade-in the Notch against a new Fastback.The chassis no is 018273, making it early, but not too early (Does a registry exist??

The C-reg was from - that would probably be a 1966 model, chassis 316 xxxxxx.The plastic layer in laminated screens held onto the shards and bulged with the head. That was before seat-belts were commonly fitted, and before the law said they must be worn. A lot of work goes into improving primary and secondary safety in a car, though mostly for occupants.Unfortunately the least safe thing in a car is the driver.The Fastback was the only car in my street able to climb the hill at the end of my road.The subject of this months poll was prompted by an email received from Peter Smith of London who writes: "Am I the only one who finds museum curators who write the notice boards for displays and exhibitions too often unbearably arrogant and self-satisfied? After all, curators may themselves have purchased the work, or else chosen it for display from another institution.

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