Who was daniel gibson dating before keyshia cole

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"But I definitely felt connected very young and prayed all the time as a child. We're working on that, so he's learning how to pray himself."Although she was raised in church, Cole is no stranger to overcoming adversity.

Her mother Frankie battled with drug addiction which caused her to give Cole up for adoption.

And what I will say about my wife is that she’s really into the social media world.

So when stories like this start floating around, and she feels the need to get involved with it, it makes it seem more true than it really is.

But what I’ve been trying to figure out when I hear people gossiping and talking is, since when do two pictures constitute a relationship?

It only happens that way when the media tries to paint a picture that this is what happened to our relationship.

As far as the whole stripper thing goes, of course I went to the strip club and had a picture taken of me with a stripper.

But that didn’t really have anything to do with us being separated, because when you think about it, we were actually already separated before all of that came out.

Before the fame, singer Keyshia Cole used to smoke marijuana, but promised God that she would stop if she got a record deal."I smoked when I younger.

Daniel Gibson and Keyshia Cole went from displaying their happy family on reality TV to subtly or not so subtly fighting with each other through social media.

Gibson was pictured with strippers while Cole hinted at friction in their home through tweets and memes.

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