What age should boys start dating

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There's something to be said for "dating" when it's still 99.9% innocent re: personal confidence about later more "real" relationships.

It doesn't sound like the kids are doing anything age-inappropriate, or inappropriate in general.

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This is similar but not identical to When is it safe to start letting our children go into relationships?

We had a similar question a while back, where I outlined my own personal policy and my values backing that policy.

When developing your own policy, you should consider your own values and the results you want to achieve. It isn't a choice between forbidding any relationship at all or permitting any relationship at all.

In other words, instead of forbidding the date, require adding more people to the event, put restrictions on being paired off or alone, and encourage him to develop a wide variety of relationships.

This topic can get a little controversial sometimes, so just know I respect everyone else's opinion! :) You guys are the prettiest, smartest, coolest people in the entire world!

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