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The development team brought in comic book writer Joshua Ortega to help write the plot for the game.In Gears of War 2, the COG continues its fight against the Locust horde, who are attempting to sink all of the cities on the planet Sera.The game was officially released in North America, Europe and Australia on November 7, 2008 and was released in Japan on July 30, 2009.The game expands technically on the previous game by using a modified Unreal Engine 3 engine.The announcement also divulges that the Series 2 Airdrop would be provided to season pass holders irrespective of any additional cost.The Airdrop includes 20 gear packs, 60 cards form a set of 280 cards.

The limited-time event also includes daily Valentine's themed bounties, a new craftable character and introduces two new maps - Impact Dark and War Machine.With spectator mode improvement, the developers are planning to make it a worthwhile experience for gamers.The update's changelog can be viewed online for additional details. ( For the unfamiliar, this popular video game brings in a new saga where JD Fenix along with his friends Kiat and Del must rescue their loved ones and also discover the source of the new mysterious enemy. The whole new sets of creatively-designed and unlockable cards are other interesting additions. With the recent updates, the franchise gets two new maps which mark the return of old favorites Blood Drive and Clocktower.

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