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It is our goal to slowly upgrade the facilities, but it’s very hard to plan when you don’t know how long you will be allowed to stay at a place.

When we came in we first built this big closet; last year we painted the walls. Where possible, we try not to invest in the space itself.

We prefer to spend the money on things that could move with us to another studio, like prototypes of furniture we designed recently, which we will bring in here soon as a practical showcase of our work.

Actually, I think it’s nice to have an environment that is not finished, that is always in movement and constantly evolving.

At first, cheap short-term rental contracts used as security by owners or intermediaries are directed at poor but trustworthy artists.Originally, it was the headquarters of Rotterdam’s main socialist newspaper, but before we moved in, it was a snooker palace.It seems that the Crisis has made it difficult for the new owners of the building to proceed with their redevelopment plans, so we can probably stay here for some time.Soon after, a broader community of so-called “creatives” follows, and the story of the post-industrial studio incites the self-fulfilling prophesy of gentrification.This in turn generates a demand for new, cheaper spaces and the market machine starts again.

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