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I have never encountered an instance where I felt somebody was being disingenuous about the length of participation here (I'd never ask!

), as they seem to willingly offer up the information, when they're annoyed that they're not getting responses and results they seek.

Having the logo on a photo doesn't really mean much.

However, an approximation can be found for an user, assuming you have enough time, and interest, and are willing to put in the effort.... )Does anybody go to these lengths if they meet someone in a bar? In general, I'm honest about past IDs and time frame in which I have used them, here.

I don't normally give credence to the length of somebody's participation, here, as the superficial information is quite unreliable.

Some people take a break for all sorts of reasons...met someone, you were ill, you went to another site...

To me I really don't care how long someone has been here.

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