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You can even watch this crazy embarrassing interview of me talking about Pinterest when I’m still a baby consultant working in my first agency (no judgement please). People use Pinterest to “save” aspirational, inspirational and motivational content to review later.But the things that I found inspirational and motivational two years ago, simply are no longer relevant to me.As long as you are crafting high quality, bespoke content pieces that truly add value and meaning to the lives of others then you (and your blog) will be just fine.If you are interested in working out how to develop a content strategy that is built to truly “cut through” then I recommend downloading my Free Content Marketing Workbook. I would love to hear about them in the comments below!In my job as a Brisbane based Digital Marketer and Social Media Specialist, my clients rely on me to get on top of algorithm changes quickly.I need to work out how the algorithm works, what impact it will have and how to get around it.I also am not very keen on sifting through the 1000s of pins on my boards to delete anything that I no longer find interesting.From what I can see in my feed I am also being shown the “most popular” pins from users I follow, which is great, but I want to see of their pins.

Unlike the Facebook algorithm that takes notice of “impressions” and can identify when you have seen content and not engaged with that content (therefore deeming that content “not so relevant” to you and adding it further down the list of content items you will see in your feed), Pinterest doesn’t appear to be doing this. But if I’ve seen it in my feed before (with a frequency of User experience dwindling.Well like always, I started using, testing and learning and I believe I now have a good understanding of how the algorithm is working, and what little tricks we can employ to try to “get around it” so we can continue to leverage Pinterest as the incredible traffic driving platform it used to be. I am pretty disappointed in this algorithm change for a number of reasons.I’m sitting on the consultant “I care about my clients” side of the fence as well as my blogger “I care about my referral traffic” side of the fence AND my personal “I care about my Pinterest user experience” side of the fence.. So you can tell that this open letter is not going to be hugely positive already..I know this because I am seeing pins in my feed that I have seen A LOT. Pinterest, I beg of you; Give me back my old feed where I can view a very carefully curated list of pins posted by people whose opinions I care about, brands who post content I adore, and the odd promoted pin I genuinely am interested in because your advertising team is getting it much more “right” than your product performance team is…Then again, I’m sure the reason this is all happening is because you want to monetise and introduce promoted pins, and your collaboration boards (and their huge success) were too difficult to compete with your own advertising profits.. Sincerely, one of your biggest “old” fans, Kate OK rant over. In such a world where quality content is our currency, I believe we are going to get to a point where the only way to “cut through” is to build meaningful relationships online through sharing high quality content that adds value to others lives.

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