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Don't waste your time on men and women who want to only communicate via the app or website and or who never seem to log on lol. These men have no job, no car, no money, deadbeats,still married, 4 or more kids they don't take care of, no place to live (nomads), etc.

There's nothing but a bunch of no good ungodly men on this site. These men are looking for sex and someone to take care of them. If you keep jumping from home to home all these STD's carriers on this site.

Offering money for sex..."friends with benifits" I believe the words were. I even had a woman say if you want to do that holds do it yourself...liked to horse back ride. Not to mention africa ladies and "if you are a serious man you get on a plane and fly to see me" LOL ARE YOU SERIOUS? The site itself is functional, but the women seem to be pretty bitter about the whole online dating scene.

You might think I'm not that good looking or little to offer. AND THE FEW GREAT LOOKING WOMAN GET ON ONE DAY THEN VANISH NEVER TO RESPOND TO YOUR AD OR YOUR MSG. My complaint, however is this: I received notice "congratulating" me on my 3-month prepaid membership renewal.

I think I may well look elsewhere I have always rated pof as a good dating site until now! Being a female that makes more than the average male in my area it makes it awkward ....

Therefore, initial screening of anyone who makes contact is paramount or one might find themselves going on a few very disappointing dates.

The most common and evident misrepresentations among the female members of POF are the categories of weight, smoking, alcohol use and employment status (if completed). They even advise smokers to indicate that they are non-smoking if they are light smokers or are in that never-ending process of quitting. In 100 percent of the time, the social drinkers I went out with could put me under the table in record time often consuming four to six drinks in a couple of hours on a first date. In 100 percent of the time also, the women I first met significantly overstated their employment status and economic situation to the point that, if the meet-up turned into a relationship, she would have been totally financially dependant.

He is sending me bullying messages,harrasses me,intimidates me and even sent me viruses to the point that when I go to open his profile to report him it takes me to a page that literally says is viruses.

This looser makes fake accounts just to harrass me therefore he has also become a internet stalker.

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