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I go into the hair and make-up room, and the head make-up artist Donna Messina said something to me like, “You have to go in and sign some stuff for the people in there.” I’m like, “I walked by there three times today. ” And she is like, “They’re afraid of you.” I’m like, “Why? People just assume.” I think it all started when Sam started sleeping with Sonny (Maurice Benard)! (Laughs) I became the tramp on the show then, and I have been fighting my way back to goodness ever since.You chose to do Playboy, Maxim etc, when you were younger. KELLY: I thought growing up these were all cool decisions, but I wouldn’t necessarily be making the same decisions today.I don’t know if he was intentionally trying to do it … I think we will see Sam involved in the fallout of what Julian and Alexis have become.Would you like to see more father/daughter scenes between Julian and Sam moving forward?Some people can look at that and see it as something negative. It could just be my own insecurities that I am thinking about, but I think I’m on to something.I think people will take those images, and just judge a book by its cover. Even the other day, I was walking in the hallway and I had just come off set after two crying scenes.Read on and you will also learn why Kelly is very appreciative about being part of the A-list cast of During our interview back in January of 2015, Jason and Sam were in a very different place.

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KELLY: Genie did say that when Helena’s will was being read. But they are super passionate, and if these fan factions really hate each other then I guess we are doing our job well.

Many times you think it’s going to go in one direction, and then it’s pulled into another and you are like, “Oh, OK. Now that they are solid, I am ready for the next challenge for the couple, and for Sam.

Let me get my footing.” Billy and I are trying to do our best, and it’s our job as actors to make the writing come to life. I’m excited to see what hoops and obstacles they will have to jump through to prove that they were worth fighting for.

How has it been working so closely in story now with Billy Miller? I think that’s exciting, but it took them a while to get there.

KELLY: Oh, I have so much fun with Billy, and we have a blast on set. We haven’t seen Sam in that many scenes with her, and Jason, and their son Danny.

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