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Or would that leave someone brought up in Canada — similar to myself — wishing for more?While I don’t have the answers to the questions the article brings up, I think it’s a great conversation starter, not just for first-generation (and second-generation) Indians, but for people of other cultures as well.Couple that with films like this and it’s the age old question which comes first, the chicken or the egg? When I look at my parents’ marriage, I don’t see two people who are miserable in each others’ companies and are just sticking it out.I don’t see that in other family members’ marriages, either.The article is about an Indo-American’s experience with having an arranged marriage in the face of conflicting cultures: the conservative culture instilled by her parents and the American culture she was brought up in.

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So is it better to get married first and worry about love later?

It brings up the important question of how a person with different (and sometimes conflicting) cultural backgrounds can begin to reconcile the two worlds without losing themselves in the process.

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I don’t want to date someone from India; the cultural difference is too big.

My parents have an idea of what kind of daughter-in-law they want—they’re Christian and they want a religious person, but religion isn’t that important to me.

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