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His "offering," such as it is, is cunty remarks about shows and/or people. R46 Liz may have shown up at a couple of industry events with him (just like co-stars Emily O'Brien and Clementine Ford would occasionally do), but they never "dated" dated. You can even find party photos where they're both in attendance from that long ago (including Y&R events like the Emmys and Anniversaries) long before making it public knowledge. I'm sure Greg married Robert to squash those pesky straight rumors that kept following him around, r54. I find it so disappointing that adoption/fostering isn't more widely accepted.It's my understanding that he actually began dating the hubby around 2006-07. That's the same reason he payed thousands and thousands of dollars for a surrogate to carry their baby -- to throw the fans off his heterosexuality. I used to think the gays could be the rescuers to the parent less , but instead the ego of wanting a "little me" is more important.They liked to show off the house they restored (just recently sold). And jmho - but knowing who the partner is, GR doesn't exactly appear to be CLB's type.It's my understanding they're working on another rehab now. Furthermore, I think GR was dating XMen-2 writer, Dan Harris, at the time.

I have a straight friend who has tried for 10 years and wasted thousands of dollars on trying to become pregnant. Not being female, pethaps I am missing something but why not adopt?

Грег Рикаарт появляется в сериалах и кино проектах в качестве актера, начиная с 1972 по 2013 годы.

Первые ТВ-шоу и фильмы с участием актера: Молодые и дерзкие (1973) /The Young and the Restless/ - роль: Kevin Fisher (1, 207 эпизодов, 2003-2014), Бухта Доусона (1998) /Dawson's Creek/ - роль: David и Сильное лекарство (2000) /Strong Medicine/ - роль: Traylor.

I think no countries if any allow a same sex couple to adopt.

A woman I work with finally had her own child with her husband after they gave up trying to adopt.

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