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After spending hours working on a Power Point presentation, perfecting slides and adding custom additions like animations, you may want to email the finished presentation to clients or coworkers.There are several ways to email a Power Point slideshow; the best choice for you depends on the file size, privacy concerns and whether you want users to just view the presentation or be able to edit it. In the "File Type" select "Show" if you do not want the recipients to edit the content.Follow the on-screen instructions and then click "Save" to save the ZIP file. In the "Save As" window, select "PDF" as the file type.

Restore your device to factory settings and then set your i Phone up as new.The user picks a file, after which the server app returns the file's content URI to the client app.This lesson shows you how a client app requests a file from a server app, receives the file's content URI from the server app, and opens the file using the content URI.Again, you lose all your data this way but it’s Apple’s latest advice on how to resolve the ‘Slide to Upgrade’ bug.Apple has also announced a software update is coming soon to address the ‘Slide To Upgrade’ i OS 9 bug.

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