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I always resented Sorkin's reputation as the male writer who writes great female characters, because they are mostly just snappy, and it reminds me of how disgusting it is that we feel the need to congratulate male writers just for writing female characters that are anything more than objects.Just imagine a condescending voice saying "and they write such realistic male characters!) I know exactly what drives me so nuts about Sorkin.That he is possibly the only other person in the universe who talks as much or as fast as I do.

Everyone has noticed how much more productive they are when working through some neurotic shit. Justin has always seemed like a bit of a Zuckerberg, he has a lot of the arrogant socially incompetent preternaturally gifted geek to him. This one was actually a gay love triangle, with Justin Timberlake as the charismatic fuck-up that seduces you out of your stable if somewhat boring by now real relationship.Friendships are actually exactly like romantic relationships.They are even more romantic ofttimes, because there is no sexual commitment involved.When you make things virtually, of course it doesn't feel real.In case you were wondering This Recording has no office and our masthead is basically that business card that says "I'M A FUCKING CEO." I have been waiting for a magical meeting with bay area angel investors since our inception (INCEPTION) and I got over that idea and recognized it as completely ridiculous probably two years into our run on wordpress. He is the last and only of his totally outdated category, kind of like Jonathan Franzen.

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