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The oculomotor neurons functions to send its axons in the oculomotor nerve, to control the medial rectus, and converge the two eyes.Neurons that are interposed between the afferent and efferent limbs of this circuit and include the visual association cortex, which determines the image is "out-of-focus, and sends corrective signals via the internal capsule and crus cerebri to the supraoculomotor nuclei.

The tension along the suspensory ligaments is increased to flatten the lens and decrease the curvature and achieve a lower refractive power.The medial rectus attaches to the medial aspect of the eye and its contraction adducts the eye.The medial rectus is innervated by motor neurons in the oculomotor nucleus and nerve.The suspensory ligaments relax and the radial tension around the lens is released.This causes the lens to form a more spherical shape achieving a higher level of refractive power.

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