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These cookies store certain information about the user’s computer in a text file.This is used to keep track of the user’s visit to their site.Many users take the issue of securing their computers lightly, until the unexpected happens. Some users make a habit of using the same passwords or easy-to-guess passwords on all sites they visit.Below are eight of the most common and avoidable computer security mistakes users make. Many sites these days store cookies on visitors’ computers.You should always update your software as soon as the new update is made available. Downloading software from unknown sites Many users have a habit of downloading ‘freebies’ from every site that pops up on the internet.These ‘freebies’ are marketed as things every user ‘needs’ to improve his browsing experience.Hackers often use this gimmick to gain access to people computers. Many links on the internet lead nowhere, and you should carefully consider every link before clicking it.

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In Word Press you’ll see this form at the bottom of each post: That’s by far been the best plug in I’ve used.Some people even allow a website to remember their login details.Their primary reason for doing this is to save time, and avoiding the stress of having to remember a multitude of passwords.However, an influential blogger who had started reading my posts commented almost immediately.He said, “Don’t you want others to join the conversation? The value in linking out to other bloggers is three-fold: You’ll screw any chances of your post ranking if you forget to fill out the page title and description fields for each post.

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