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There were times in the first couple of years when we didn't talk at all for a little while, and it took us a while to get where we are now.Now we're in our early 30's, still know each other better than anyone else, and we're great friends again, talk all the time, and are always there for each other.I decided based on his reactions that I am done worrying about him being my friend and I told myself that when he feels like he can talk to me again, I will say no. I feel hurt by him, but I still hold a place for him in my heart. Hopefully I can restrain myself from being intimate with him and not letting him back in my life like it used to be. I keep thinking about old times and its making me sad.So then i think if the bad times admit makes me feel dumb.I am keeping myself busy with other stuff but during downtime i can't shake these feelings. On sunday at about 3 a.m he texted me and asked how I was doing these days.I answered a day later and he was asking other questions about me.But I guess the pressure of being in a fraternity with a bunch of single guys got to him.The guy I talked to was not the guy who I fell for or confided everything in. I am evaluating my life and trying to get back to that place when I was genuinely happy. My only challenge in the future is when he feels like he can talk to me again because he said this no contact was not forever.

I do hope he comes around before six months, but if he does not, then that is that. Then I had some stuff going on with my apartment and asked if I could crash on his floor for a night. He was mad at first but then let me sleep in the bed and he was the one who initiated the cuddling.

He said the last time we talked that when we are together he still thinks of me as his girlfriend and he said he needed a long time before he could see me. I miss the one person who knows me better than anyone and it sucks. I finally felt like I was going to explode so I messaged him first and to my surprise he replied the same day.

Anyone with advice about when I can talk to him or if I should, I really need it. He said that he never contacted me because he thought I hated him.

I made a couple posts on here about my breakup with my boyfriend of five months.

I have accepted the breakup, but I have not accepted losing my best friend..were best friends for longer than we dated. I would like to contact him in November to just talk and just make things civil. I know people say to wait till he is ready, I just feel that if it takes six months for him to talk to me, then maybe our friendship meant nothing. We went a month no contact, I never heard from him.

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