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A little girl screaming for two hours when you’re trying to detangle her hair can get really nerve-racking – I guess. I’ll never know whether the hairdresser didn’t like me or if she had missed a class in hairdressing school, but she relaxed my hair from the roots to the ends everytime I went there, which means every two months for 2 years. And to have the courage and the pride to BE who you are, under everybody else’s eyes, THAT’S magical. If a girl relaxes her hair, I will respect her choice.

But one day my mom decided to cut it very short because she found it too difficult to wash, comb and style. I didn’t know how relaxers worked, so I went to this afro hair salon. But I always end up being in a hurry to go back to my curls, and right after I washed my hair, seeing my curls living again in the mirror gives me the feeling I’m back to my true self.

For naturally textured, original and curly girls everywhere, this is your online, social community. Naturally Curly: This dynamic social platform is the curly girl’s treasure trove for all things curls, coils and waves with articles like, 14 Ways to Unlock Your Second Day Hair as well as tutorials, recipes, tops salons, products and more.

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Consider Curly Buzz your space to discover and share curly testaments, awesome tutorials and tons of curly lifestyle tips.

Ditch unruly strands and frizz, up your style factor and flaunt those coils.

If you’ve been blessed with a curly coif, you’re in luck.

In other words : that I should stop complaining about it.

The comment on Pinterest said that I should enjoy my hair because kinks are in.

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