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Everyone is open to discuss certain topics like interracial dating or infidelity.We often get calls and emails from men saying, "Hey, that was an interesting point that I saw on pillow talk." Tunde: We started Pillow Talk because we found that when it comes to relationship questions men and women for whatever reason don't seem to give honest answers to one another face to face. So we decided to let people ask a question and have people give anonymous answers.All they want is to be put in a room with amazing people and increase their options of meeting someone special.Tunde: I'm going to give you a cliché answer and say we don't have a typical member, but what I will say is in terms of background most of our members have a college degree from a great college either in the states, UK or back home on the continent.

Tunde: What shocked me was that most of the men said, "Listen, I grew up in a very traditional household and I'm just more comfortable with a man having certain roles and a women having certain roles." But the men also said they are willing to help out as much as possible if they are taught how.So what that means is if you want help in the house or with cooking they are more than fine with doing that.We cannot deny these issues don't exist but part of it is just talking to your partner and see what is he willing to do. If you want to join Bandeka, there are two ways to do it.Some say that more races are approachable than other races or there's nothing against black women or black men but sometimes we just want to try something different.We may start out thinking the discussion may start one way but then things come up that we can all learn from. The outcome of the conversation was that it can happen in a relationship but the key thing is communication.

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