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Previous to scooping up her own celebrity style spread, young Miss Hudgens shacked up with her parents in the 2,385 square foot North Hollywood house prop records indicate they purchased in September of 2005 for 5,000. Imagine what it’s going to be like for her roaming and rattling around in there all alone as the house creaks and groans as it settles on its caissons.

It must be kinda surreal to have your teen aged daughter buy a house worth more than three times the value of your own house.

Practice guidelines and education protocols may assist caregivers and service providers to integrate computer activities into homes and aging services settings.

Growing evidence indicates that persons with dementia enjoy computer activities.

If computer activities require excessive cognitive and physical functioning beyond individual competencies, persons with dementia cannot engage in the activities.

A significant decrease in anxiety, depression, and behavioral symptoms was observed in a computer-based cognitive program with elders with mild cognitive impairment and mild dementia (Talassi et al., 2007).Listen people, you can’t just slap a tile roof on a house an fill it with wrought iron railings and call it Tuscan because we have been to Tuscany and we are certain there are not many (if any) houses in Tuscany that look quite like this.But then again, Miss and True Religion from Rock and Republic, what does the gurl know about architecture? We imagine her real estate agent could have told her this was High Gothic Georgian-style Center Hall Colonial Revival and what would she know, right? Thanks to one of Your Mama’s children we stand corrected.can quietly comb each other’s hair and paint each other’s toe nails in the shade. Miss Hudgens is 19 going on 20 and not the 18 years old that we first thought (and reported).If anyone were to ask Your Mama, which of course no one did, we think it might have been more financially prudent for young Miss . We used our fingers rather than our bejeweled abacus and we counted incorrectly. She’s still 19 damn years old, which is awfully young to be buying a 6 bedroom house.

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