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However, you agree that no service is guaranteed against errors, hacking, or inadvertent or intentional disclosure. If you choose to Find Friends, you agree to let the Service upload the address book on your device to its servers where we store this data in a secure way to sync your contacts and find any of your friends who are already Clipchat users. If you choose to use this function, you agree to let the Service deliver a message to another Clipchat user who is not in your address book and to display your profile to the recipient of the message.

You agree that you consent to the receipt of any message delivered via this function, including for purposes of the CAN-SPAM Act, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or any similar laws concerning the delivery of unsolicited messages, and you agree that there is no guarantee that the message that is delivered will meet your expectations, be appropriate, or accurate and free from errors.

For more information about Clipchat's privacy practices, please review our Privacy Policy.

ACCOUNT TERMINATIONYou agree that if you violate these TOS, including by having your messages or account reported by other users, or creating risk or possible legal exposure, the Company may, in its sole discretion, terminate your account.

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Clipchat is an awesome new way to share private, 5 second moments with friends. We think that 5 seconds is the perfect amount of time to share whatever it is you’re up to at that particular moment, without the receiver losing interest. After the receiver has viewed the message, it is deleted from their device, and from our servers. The pixelated thumbnails are there to give your inbox some personality, and can never be un-pixelated or enlarged. That’s the total number of message you’ve sent to that user. Tap “Settings” in the menu, and tap “Only Friends”.The Company will attempt to notify you of any changes in the TOS, but it is your responsibility to review these TOS so you are aware of any changes or updates. You agree that you will be considered to have been given notice of any modifications once we post them to that your continued use of the Service after such notice shall be deemed an acceptance of any changes.OUR AUDIENCEThe Service is intended for use by people who are 18 years of age or older.The Service is intended to help you share messages, photos and videos with your friends.The Service uses a proprietary encryption method to enhance the security of your communications.

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