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For those who choose not to visit the power station* there is the option of staying longer in the informative West Arm Visitor Centre.

*Due to scheduled maintenance the Manapouri Underground Power Station is currently CLOSED and re-opening date is yet to be confirmed. Our staff are trained to deal with incidents and in case of an emergency you should listen to their instructions.

Adult , Child ( - ) Bread roll- fillings including a combination of Lettuce, Cucumber, Beef, Swiss Cheese, Alpha Sprouts, Mayonnaise, Apricot & Capsicum Chutney; Croissant with Ham & Swiss Cheese & Aioli; Apricot & Coconut Slice and Chocolate Muesli Brownie; Cheese and Crackers; Apple; Grapes; Dried Fruit/Nut Mix (Trail mix); After Dinner Mint; Complimentary Tea and Coffee.

Most of our hiking is on trails, but the majority of Scouts and adult leaders prefer the internal frame and these have become the most commonly available packs.

When you discover Doubtful Sound you will be struck by its silence – a silence broken only by birdsong or the rushing of a distant waterfall.

Its beauty and vastness will take your breath away.

) Items you wear are not included in the above totals, nor is food weight (estimated at 1.5 to 2.0 pounds per day, per hiker) or water (which adds 3-7 pounds per hiker).

the three heaviest things are your backpack, tent, and sleeping bag, so if you want to save a lot of weight invest in these items.

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